For some students, competition is an important part of their karate training. Below we have attempted to outline some of the requirements, along with offering a feel for how to get started, how to progress, and how to succeed.

All students wishing to attend competition must have an up to date Wado UK licence. This is the same document referenced earlier on the grading page. This should be checked at all competitions, ensuring competitors are in the correct categories, along with ensuring they are a member of the English Karate Federation, our National Governing Body.

Certain items of equipment are necessary for competition. As with most sports, this can be expensive if you want the best of everything. However, again as with most sports, there are plenty of good quality cheaper options which are fit for purpose. We also hold some items of kit for students to borrow too, so don’t let the prospect of further investment put you off. A typical list of requirements for an association competition would include;

  • Karate Gi or suit as you may call it
  • Red & Blue obi or belts if you prefer
  • Red & blue mitts
  • Red & blue shin & foot protectors (not always compulsory)
  • Mouth guard


At National & International level, additional equipment is required to the above mandated items, which must all be from approved manufacturers. These items include;

  • Body protector
  • Chest guard (Females)
  • Face guard (Children)


Competitions themselves run throughout the year. There is no on or off season in karate. We actually hold two events ourselves in Hull each year, with our summer event catering for children only. This affords the opportunity to compete, without the need for travel or invest in accommodation.

Over the years we have had much success with our students at competitions. If you or your child would like to experience competition, please just ask us for details at the club.