We recently began to exploit the internet further given the health concerns over Corona Virus. Last week wposted the first of our instructional videos, and have just set up our first on line training session on Zoom. Hopefully this new approach will lead to bigger things, but for the timebeing it will at least allow for those who wish to carry on training to do so. We have several ideas of activities to keep everyone entertained and in practce, so why not join in and see how you could benefit.



At the end of year Wado UK celebrations, several of our members were rewarded at club level for their efforts over the last year, with one special lady being rewarded at association level for her continued efforts over many years. Photographs courtesy of Dean Dent ca be seen below, with details of the winners and their specific awards accompanying them. Well done to everyone who was awarded glass mementos and or certificates, and we will look forward to compiling our lists for the 2020 edition of the awards night as the year evolves.

Jade Clark left receiving the Wado UK Service Award for her continued commitment

Zanshin recipients Sophie Wray kata, William Coyle kumite, Noah Shields achievement & Terry Munro service

Woodford recipients Oliver Dearing kumite, Sam Gray kata & Allison Munro service

Wado UK Senior Instructors Barry Meanwell, Tony Dent, Chief Instructor John Moreton, Steve Balaam-Reed, & Shirley Braid



Our first electronic newsletter will be published within the next week. Our decision to move away from paper newsletters was to ensure we can contact as many people as possible at any given time. The paper newsletters could only be given to people whilst they were at the club, and this was simply not efficient enough. To ensure the transition across achieves its aim, could we please ask you to ensure we have the correct email addresses for everyone please. Remember also, that now we are electronic, you can pass the newsletter to your family members also should they wish to see it. Of course anyone can subscribe or unsubscribe at any point.


On the 20th July, Wado UK held its 10th Anniversary Junior Championships at the newly opened Hull University Gymnasium. Several Hull Zanshin and East Hull Woodford students took part, and you can see how they got on by following this link to the Wado UK competitions page.


So we finally have our website up and running again. It has taken us some time, but trying to do everything on a shoestring presents its challenges. You will notice of course that the content is currently rather limited, but this will steadily improve with time, and should hopefully make your experience a more beneficial one.

This website is intended to serve the club's membership, rather than just be an advertisement to those surfing the web. That being the case, please have a look around, and if you have any suggestions by all means let us know what you are thinking.

Thank you,

Tony & Barry.

Our first news now that the website is up and running, reflects on a successful officials course ahead of our Junior Competition in July. We had a fantastic response from our club members and parents, and we are extremely grateful for you all giving up your time. Unfortunately the photo does not show all who were in attendance, but thank you also to all those not depicted.

Our club members can be seen on the home page with members of the Chikara Dojo, who were also in attendance.